About Birch Tier Market

My name is Yer and I am the sole owner and founder of Birch Tier Market. My love for home styling and decorating started back in 2012 when my husband and I purchase our first home. Throughout the years, my style would change from modern, to bohemian/vintage, and now farmhouse/mid-century. My obsession with home designing and styling grew into a passion, when we did our first renovation in our guest bathroom. This sparked my interests in getting into designing and styling, which lead to us renovating our backyard, and our kitchen.
After our kitchen renovation, I found that by making changes to the layout, colors, and design, it completely made a huge positive affect in my mood. I quickly realize that coming home to a warm and welcoming space, I was more happy, less stress, and relax. I open my online store in 2018 with the idea of bringing you quality and beautiful home decors. I want my products to style your home, creating a comfy and relax ambiance for you and your family. I believe that home decorating is just like art. Be creative and throw some colors and textures together to make a home a beautiful artwork. It will quickly change your mood to feel a sense of calm and relaxation when you step into your house. And trust me, you'll realize that you are actually homebody.

My style is mostly modern farmhouse, industrial, bohemian, and midcentury. I love the color green, and white, paired with natural wood, and metal. Thank you friend, for visiting my shop, and reading about my story. 

 For more of my inspiration photos and tips, follow me on Facebook and Instagram @birchtiermarket, or read my blog at www.birchtier.com.